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Wash Care Labels

Wash Car labels

We are a reputed Wash Care labels manufacturer in New Delhi. A laundry symbol, also called a care symbol, is a pictogram representing a method of washing, for example, drying, dry-cleaning, and ironing clothing. However, such symbols are written on labels, known as service labels or gift tags, fit clothing to stipulate how a contrasting item should outstanding be cleaned. Standard symbols for these care labels differ by region. In some standards, pictograms coexist with or are complemented by written instructions.
A stylized washtub is shown, and the number in the tub means the maximum wash temperature (degrees Celsius). Additionally, a bar under the tub signifies a gentler treatment in the washing machine. A double bar signifies very gentle handling. A hand in the tub signifies that only (gentle) hand washing (not above 40°C) is allowed.
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